We want to introduce the disruptive concept of ‘re-usability’ in the small satellite segment for a greener and sustainable Europe

Key enabling and emerging technologies we develop in the EARS project

Green Propulsion
Controlled re-entry
Compact Platform

In the EARS project, we design a reusable small satellite and develop the related critical technologies.
The reusable spacecraft is intended to de-orbit in a controlled manoeuvre to deliver its products and results back to the Earth after several months in orbit, thereby enabling innovative research that would benefit from the space environment, especially from microgravity conditions.

The long-term vision of the EARS project is a family of small satellite platforms that can be launched and reused frequently at a very competitive price without polluting the environment and wasting resources, both in space and on Earth.

Main applications

  • In-space manufacturing

  • Commercial or scientific research in microgravity


  • Missions for space inspection, servicing, and active debris removal

  • Outreach and educational programs for public entities